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"Zhejiang Skyline" has been grinding a "device" for ten years ("grinding" into the domestic metering transformer industry leader

"Zhejiang Skyline" has been grinding a "device" for ten years ("grinding" into the domestic metering transformer industry leader

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2010/01/06 13:59
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Is it safe to use electricity, is the degree accurate? I think every ordinary person cares. But you can know that the current transformers used in more than 50 provinces, more than 150 power supply bu
Zhangzhou Daily reporter Wang Jihong Correspondent Jiang Aiwu Chen Xiaohua
Little transformer, it’s about you and me.
Is it safe to use electricity, is the degree accurate? I think every ordinary person cares. But you can know that the current transformers used in more than 50 provinces, more than 150 power supply bureaus, and more than 50 national key projects are manufactured in Ganzhou. Recently, the latest product of this company named "Zhejiang Horizon" also received the special subsidy of 700,000 yuan from the first batch of innovation funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2009.
On December 31, 2009, the reporter saw the Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd. located in the Economic Development Zone of Jiangshan City, and was once again included in the “Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund” project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is more than half smaller and the cost has dropped by a third.
"Because of technological innovation, our products no longer use silicon steel sheets, naturally lighter and smaller." A person in charge of Zhejiang Tianxing Company told the surname, in order to reduce the volume by 50%, the cost is reduced by three-thirds. First, the company has devoted 10 years of hard work. The safety and stability of the products have been tested by the Wuhan High Voltage Test and Research Institute of Power Industry Equipment Quality Testing Center and the tests of two units outside the province. The new products are more accurate and stable, and can meet the digitalization of power system energy metering. With computerized requirements.
Fighting for the manufacturing industry in Zhangzhou
The predecessor of "Zhejiang Skyline" is not outstanding. It is a branch of Jiangshan Electric Appliances and once faced the bankruptcy edge. In May 1999, when the original school-run enterprise was reorganized and registered as a private enterprise, the company registered capital of only 2 million yuan at that time, but the company aimed at the development of domestic power system, the voltage level is constantly rising, and the power capacity is increasing. Invested in research funding, and cooperated with Tsinghua University, China Metrology Institute, National (Wuhan) High Voltage Research Institute and other leading universities and research institutions in China. After two years, it passed ISO9001 quality system certification. After three years, it grew into In the eighth year of the “Science and Technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province”, the China Metrology Institute’s transformers Jiangshan pilot base was established. In the second half of last year, the special transformers for medium voltage electronic energy meters developed by the company were included in the National Science and Technology SMEs Technology Innovation Fund Project. In the second half of 2009, not only the domestic measurement and mutual sensation In the industry leader, the registered capital has also increased to 30 million yuan, and the company has received a special award from the national innovation fund.
“Compared with the existing electromagnetic transformers, the new products of 'Zhejiang Skyline' not only improved the precision by 10%, but also improved the stability by more than 30%.” Jiangshan Science and Technology Bureau is proud to say that this is true. It is a battle for the manufacturing industry in Zhangzhou.
In addition to a strict quality assurance system, talent is the key to technological innovation. According to a person from the Jiangshan Science and Technology Bureau, “Horizon” has established long-term cooperative relations with many research institutes such as Tsinghua University and the National High Voltage Research Institute, and has formed a stable and high-quality talent team.
“Zhejiang Skyline” has more than 260 employees, more than 80 technicians with college education or above, including 28 R&D personnel. It also employs many famous experts and scholars from the industry, including Professor Dr. Luo Chengmu from Tsinghua University and the China Metrology Institute. Professor Xie Yue is the principal person in charge of the company's production, research and research projects.
“In the past two years, the company’s investment in research and development funds has exceeded 5% of total sales revenue.” Zhu Shunqing, director of the office of “Horizon”, said that since 2002, the company has more than 100 products that have passed the test of manufacturing measuring instruments. The type test cost is more than 5 million yuan, and 15 scientific and technological honors have been obtained. 33 municipal, provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects have been submitted for implementation, including two projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund. It has obtained 31 national authorized patents and accepted 13 items. Through technological innovation, technology investment and talent cultivation, the company has promoted the sustained, stable and healthy development of the company.
“National Innovation Fund has helped one”
In fact, as early as 2003, "Zhejiang Skyline" tasted the "sweetness" of technological innovation. The “hybrid fiber-optic current transformer” independently developed by them was reviewed by experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology and was approved by the technology-based SME Technology Innovation Fund, which received 600,000 yuan of unpaid funds.
To be honest, this project was subsidized at the critical moment of the company's research and development. If the research and development funds are not available in time, the research results will be launched at least 1-2 years later. It is the support of the innovation fund that enables the company to raise funds for research and development in a timely manner. To ensure the smooth development of the project's research and development work, and smoothly complete the network operation as planned, and pushed to the market in advance to fill the domestic gap."
It is understood that before 2004, "Zhejiang Skyline" only produced a single electromagnetic traditional transformer with less than 35kV. Through the implementation of the innovation fund project, the company's products are more complete and the voltage level is higher; it also improves the product technology level and accelerates The speed of project development has met the needs of the market, enhanced the competitiveness of the company, and enabled the company to have the driving force for sustainable development. It has accelerated the application of optoelectronic technology, microcomputer technology, laser energy supply technology and digital technology in the field of transformers. The pace of promotion; improved the management mechanism of design, development, manufacturing, sales and other links, laying a solid foundation for the company's next step of greater development.
“Without the support of the Innovation Fund Project, 'Zhejiang Skyline' has to complete a large leap from low voltage to ultra high voltage, technology from traditional electromagnetic induction principle to new principle, adapt to the requirements of smart grid and digital substation transformation, time It must be postponed." The relevant person in charge of the company and the relevant personnel of the Jiangshan Science and Technology Bureau believe that.
The implementation of two national-level innovation fund projects in 2003 and 2009 not only improved the grade and popularity of the company, but also enabled 50 college students to come to the “Skyline” employment since July 2008. "Our goal is to make ‘skyline’ a ‘one-year-old shop’ with strong anti-risk ability, and to win glory for the manufacturing industry in Zhangzhou.” Faced with many honors, Mao Zechun, chairman of Zhejiang Sky, said.