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General Manager's speech

General Manager's speech

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    ————Integrity and practicality are tianji people's code of conduct. Concentration, professionalism and concentration are tianji people's spirit of making products

       Welcome to zhejiang tianji transformer co., LTD. Website!Hopefully with this platform we can grow In order to gain more understanding and trust, what's more important is to provide a platform for mutual trust and communication through this website Satisfactory service.

      We adhere to the people-oriented, moral as the soul, scientific management, quality first, customer first.

       Looking back, we are magnanimous! Company established for more than 30 years, has been pursuing "customer satisfaction" as the quality standards, in order to "honest and trustworthy, down-to-earth creates the brand" for the principle, in order to "focus on high-quality goods" as the spirit of enterprise, has a good reputation and quality reputation in the industry, is the national high and new technology enterprise, zhejiang hidden champions, credit management model enterprise in zhejiang province, zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises, innovative pilot enterprises in zhejiang province, zhejiang province first batch of cloud on benchmarking enterprise, zhejiang province labor relation harmonious enterprise ", "advanced enterprise of zhejiang province care for migrant workers.

       Based on today, our high morale! Today's tianji is hard-won, reflecting the wisdom and sweat of all tianji people, as well as the care and support of friends from all walks of life. We are committed to innovation, truth-seeking and pragmatic, strengthen management, actively respond to the challenges of the international and domestic market incentives, and the majority of customers to achieve win-win, sustainable development. The company has sales outlets all over the country, with an annual sales of more than 2 million transformers. It is the leading enterprise in the transformer industry in zhejiang province and the backbone enterprise of medium and low voltage transformers in China.
       Looking ahead, we are full of confidence! Success is inseparable from your understanding and support, we sincerely hope that the community of new and old customers to tianji more attention and support. We will be sincere, efforts and professional services, so that our cooperation platform unlimited extension. We firmly believe that with your support, tianji people who dare to struggle and innovate will be able to grasp opportunities in the process of progress, seek development in reform, seek innovation in development, and seek improvement in management.
Zhejiang tianji transformer co., LTD
General manager: liu chunqiang