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Zhejiang Horizon Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd.

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Company culture

Company culture

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  • culture
    Mission: Focus on manufacturing and become the most trusted service provider in the global power measurement field
    Interpretation: Getting the trust of customers is the fundamental mission of the sky. The fundamental attitude of the sky to society is to focus on manufacturing, to provide high-quality, safe and accurate measurement products that customers trust. Trusted to establish a brand, develop scale, establish industry status, and achieve corporate value.
  • Vision: Making the grid safer
    Interpretation: The role of transformers on the grid is to measure and protect the safety of the grid. Unsteady operation of the grid may lead to large-scale blackouts. The vision of the grid is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid.
  • culture
    Values: Honesty and Trustworthy Dunben Pragmatics Renhe Zhiyuan
    Interpretation: Integrity carries the road - the company's creed based on honesty;
    Dunben is pragmatic – advocating fundamentals and focusing on reality;
    Renhe Zhiyuan - Renyi, Qihe management, to achieve the development of the company.