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There is no turning arrow in the opening bow - remember Chairman Mao Jiangchun of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd.

There is no turning arrow in the opening bow - remember Chairman Mao Jiangchun of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd.

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2007/09/01 13:43
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Mao Saichun, a middle school teacher, is now the chairman of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. Her company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and a scientific and technological enterprise
Mao Saichun, a middle school teacher, is now the chairman of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. Her company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and a scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and 3C certification. The various series of transformers produced are the first choice in the national “two networks” transformation. Mao Saichun was also named as the Sanqi Red Flag Bearer of Zhangzhou City and the advanced worker of the Zhejiang Provincial Education Commission for work-study, and was elected as the vice chairman of the 7th CPPCC of Jiangshan City. She also served as the deputy director of the Cuizhou Citizens Construction Enterprise Committee, the City Federation of Industry and Commerce and the City Women's Congress.
Mao Saichun, chairman of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd., is a medium-sized, thin and simple face with resolute and intelligent talent. At first glance, she is no different from a general entrepreneur. However, after talking to her, you will find her potential wisdom and extraordinary courage.
The predecessor of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. is a branch of Jiangshan Electric Appliance Factory (formerly the school-run factory of Jiangshan No. 2 Middle School), which was founded in July 1987. Due to poor production and management, it was insolvent in 1989. In January 1990, under the leadership of Mao Saichun, more than 30 employees of the whole factory played the song of entrepreneurship, and became a dark horse in the low-voltage transformer industry in Zhejiang Province. The success of Mao Saichun’s entrepreneurship has gone through a difficult and bumpy road, and it is also a shining road.
After all the hardships, the company has returned to life.
In July 1981, 25-year-old Mao Saichun became a glorious people's teacher after graduating from Zhejiang Normal University. On July 7, 1988, Mao Saichun, who had been teaching in Jiangshan No. 7 Middle School, was deeply attracted by the “Recruitment of Jiangshan Standard Parts Factory Director” on the three-finger wide layout of Jiangshan Daily. She was stunned and embarrassed. It seems that a special nerve has been touched and touched, so that the two charged wires are like a spark. "Why don't you try such a good opportunity?"
In the evening, she ran to the principal's home and asked for the idea of ​​applying for the director. But before she finished talking, the kind-hearted headmaster poured a cold water on her head: "Forget it, forget it, or teach your book, run a business, be the factory manager, it is really not a female teacher!" Besides, you are teaching a high school graduating class." Sai Chun listened, although he was dissatisfied, but did not distinguish, silently left the principal's home.
The school is preparing to start school intensively, and Mao Saichun is as busy as preparing lessons in previous years. At this juncture, the principal came to her home and let her be the director.
In fact, let Mao Saichun become the director of the factory, the school was forced to Liangshan. After the recruitment announcement, after the report, there were a lot of applicants at first, but when they went to the factory, they didn’t shake their heads. They all quietly played the retreat, and no one was willing to pick this burden. When the mountains were running out, the school leaders remembered Mao Saichun.
It is easy to run a business as a factory manager! Especially for Mao Saichun, who was born in the "teacher's home", it is even more difficult. Although the classroom and the factory are only 50 meters away, she has never been in, the low-rise factory is quiet, facing a few oil-filled, lifeless machines, facing no money, no technology, Three no market difficulties, Mao Saichun was not discouraged, and did not regret the time as the factory manager. In order to live up to the trust and expectations of the leadership, Mao Saichun actively meets the challenge from teachers to managers. On the one hand, it took only three days to learn the basic common sense of corporate financial accounting, cashiers and warehouse accounts. On the one hand, it worked hard with the workers, stabilized the military and encouraged morale. Since then, the employees have been fascinated by her, production and work have come.
Wind and rain in the spring and autumn, the figures on the report let Mao Saichun get a little gratified, this small factory that has been smashed for more than half a year, turned around in one fell swoop. Unconsciously, Mao Saichun and this school-run factory have gained a reputation. At this time, Li Duanqi, director of the Jiangshan Municipal Education Commission, who was “accustomed to enter the school gate and rarely entered the factory door”, was attracted. He found Mao Saichun and briefly introduced the Jiangshan Electric Appliance Factory, a high-density Jiangshan Second Middle School. After the situation of the factory, Mao Saichun was required to take the heavy responsibility and become the factory director. Mao Saichun promised to fill his mouth without thinking.
On January 20, 1990, Mao Saichun stepped into a branch of Jiangshan Electric Appliance Factory in Jiangshan District. This small, insolvent factory with more than 30 people greeted her not with flowers and red carpets, but the piles of messy waste in the dark and damp factory. The cost of inventory products was higher than the sales price, and the wages of employees were arrears. More than 4000 yuan.
Mao Saichun, like the initial standard factory, took out 4,000 yuan from home to pay the first month salary to employees. However, people in the city are not as easily moved as the mountain people. They really can't believe that the former male directors who are very "excellent" can't manage this factory. How can a female teacher in the mountain pack up this mess?
"When the factory manager is a springboard, it is the purpose of entering the city." "She will not be long when she is a factory." The employees have privately talked about it, and they have cast a distrustful eye on her. If you are on sick leave, you will be late and leave early, and you will not be able to work hard... The company has no sand and no cohesiveness. In the face of such a dilemma, Mao Saichun gave up the housekeeping skills when he was a class teacher, and asked the staff to talk about each other one by one, asked the cold and asked questions, and united the staff. On this basis, a series of reform measures were introduced:
The first is the implementation of the piece rate system. The wages are fully floated on a piece-by-piece basis, and more work is done, mobilizing the production enthusiasm of the employees.
The second is to reduce production costs. The cost of raw materials, which accounts for the highest proportion of production costs, is compressed. Under the premise of not affecting the quality of products, the use of insulating sheet trims that large enterprises cannot use can be fully utilized, resulting in a production cost reduction of nearly nine-tenths.
The third is to strengthen management and tap potential. Actively mobilize employees to make rationalization proposals, solve the problems existing in enterprises one by one, and formulate a series of scientific, reasonable and standardized rules and regulations.
The introduction of a series of measures has made the company gradually show its vitality, the machine roars and the laughter is loud. After one year, the output value and sales doubled, and made up for the loss of more than 300,000 yuan.
Three inches of bad tongue, Tsinghua hand in hand "Sanjiang"
An economist once said: "For a good entrepreneur, even if you can't do all the technology and management ahead, your strategic awareness must be ahead."
In 2001, the company implemented a restructuring.
There is no turning back in the bow, there are two roads in front of Mao Saichun: go back to be a teacher, or participate in corporate restructuring. Mao Saichun resolutely gave up 21 years of teaching experience, took the initiative to convert the status of teachers into employee status, and bought and bought the property rights of the company.
After the enterprise becomes a private enterprise, it has a good mechanism for the development of the enterprise. But if there is no good product, no advanced production technology, and no high-quality workforce, the enterprise can not survive and develop. Mao Saichun knows the truth. She is determined by her keen market insight and advanced strategic vision: relying on scientific research institutes, taking the road of combining production, learning and research, accelerating the development of new products and the transformation of new scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the products of enterprises. Upgrade to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
In the in-depth market research, Mao Saichun realized that as a power power country, China's current ultra-high voltage transmission technology and equipment are still relatively backward compared with developed countries, and the most basic and most important monitoring equipment in transmission and distribution lines- - Current and voltage transformers are not conducive to the digitization of power systems due to the use of conventional electromagnetic induction transformers. If the "hybrid fiber optic current transformer" is developed by using modern optoelectronic technology, these shortcomings can be overcome, and the advantages of good safety performance and low cost are obtained. Just as Mao Saichun was worried about finding a technical cooperation research institute, Jiangshan Science and Technology Bureau was organizing enterprises to enter the online technology market and issue bids for corporate technical problems. Mao Saichun immediately realized that this was an excellent opportunity to quickly organize materials and take the lead in publishing the tender information on the technical problem of “hybrid fiber-optic current transformer” on the Internet, and was willing to provide 1.2 million yuan for research institutes.
As expected, the information system of Tsinghua University was quickly responded to in a few days after the release of the information.
Mao Saichun, who has always worked hard and neatly, rushed to the electrical department of Tsinghua University according to the appointment time. He did not expect to touch a soft nail when he entered the door. When I learned that Mao Saichun’s company was a private enterprise, the other party said: “We never deal with private enterprises, or we will smash Tsinghua’s brand and lose Tsinghua’s face. The professor who is presiding over this technology is certainly not willing. The state-owned large enterprises have good credit, large scale, many talents and financial strength, which is our cooperation target."
Is it that private enterprises are inferior, and the dwarves are cut? This is not fair! This is completely beyond the expectations of Mao Saichun. Although she feels that Tsinghua’s concept is backward and conservative, and she is somewhat indignant, she is not arrogant, but does not hesitate to ask: “It takes 10 minutes to discuss a few questions with you.” Mao Saichun talked with him. The defects of traditional transformer technology, the development prospect of digital transmission technology and the urgent need of optoelectronic technology in the application of inductive transformers; talking about the strong momentum of the development of private enterprises in Zhejiang, talking about the private capital will continue to enter the society under the market economy Trends in various fields. She also took the opportunity to introduce the advantages of her own business, and clearly pointed out that if Tsinghua does not cooperate with private enterprises in the future, scientific and technological achievements will be difficult to transform into productivity. She relied on the three-inch tongue, and it was more than an hour. The other party was finally moved. He sighed: "You took a class for me, which opened my eyes and I took it!"
In June 2002, the Electrical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University and Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. formally signed a technical cooperation agreement. Since then, the "Sanjiang Transformer" has embarked on the road of scientific and technological development of "production, learning and research" and has inserted the wings of science and technology.
The successfully developed nano-superfine soft magnetic alloy high-voltage transformer has filled the gap in the province. It passed the provincial appraisal in Hangzhou in September 2003 and was affirmed by domestic experts. The ultra-high-voltage optoelectronic type mutual inductance developed by using nanomaterials and optoelectronic technology The instrument has a domestic and international leading level.
In recent years, the “Sanjiang Transformer” has invested more than 4% of its annual sales in research and invested more than 15 million yuan for technological transformation. The company has already owned 30 series of more than 100 varieties of products. Among them, high-tech products account for 70%, becoming a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province and a small and medium-sized enterprise. “Hybrid Fiber Optic Current Transformer” was established in the Ministry of Science and Technology at the end of 2004 and is supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Fund.
Enthusiastic public welfare, "Qing Mao's genealogy" is listed as a national heritage
Mao Saichun often said to people: "If the enterprise develops, it is necessary to reward the employees and return the society and the people." Care for the employees, to achieve "one inch of production, one point of welfare", moved to the characteristic industrial park in July 2004. After the new plant, the company invested more than 1.4 million yuan to build staff canteens and staff quarters to improve the living, production and working conditions of employees. Prepare to invest more than 200,000 yuan to build a cultural sports plaza to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life. Lai Rong, a disabled employee of the company, is in a very poor family. In early 2004, he obtained the low-rent housing of the municipal government, but could not raise the rent of 3,000 yuan. Mao Saichun immediately paid the rent to him and mobilized all the staff to donate to him. He was moved to tears and said: "The company sent not only money, but also a love, I must work hard and make more dedication to the company."
While operating the company sincerely, Mao Saichun also returns the society with love. She frequently donated 300,000 yuan to the cultural and educational undertakings, the Foundation for the Righteousness, and the support for the elderly. She also donated money to support the majority of women in the goose industry and donated piano to support the "Jiangshan Women's Amateur Choir".
In the enthusiastic public welfare undertaking, it is worth mentioning that she invested in the acquisition of the Qing Dynasty Mao Family Tree and donated it to the Jiangshan City Archives as a collection. In 1999, the descendants of Mao’s family in Qinglan Village, Shimen Town, Jiangshan City, wanted to sell the 66 copies of the ancestral ancestors of the Qing dynasty to the Mao’s family. This wooden movable type has a history of more than 130 years, which reflects the reproduction, migration and development of Mao’s, especially Maonan, in Chenzhou. It has important reference for studying the migration, reproduction and social development of ancient China. value. After learning about this situation, Mao Saichun immediately bought this "genealogy tree" and donated it to the archives. In March 2002, the National Archives Bureau invited the expert group of the Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee to identify and identify the Qing Dynasty Mao Family Tree as one of the first batch of 48 state-level precious heritage archives, which was included in the “China Archives Heritage List”.
Although Mao Saichun has been in her early forties, she is still a hot entrepreneur. She has a famous saying: "Developing a career is like an arrow from a bow. There must be a spirit of nowhere." The author sincerely believes that Mao Saichun will strive to pursue new goals and fight hard. A better tomorrow