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Confucian Merchant Mao Saichun

Confucian Merchant Mao Saichun

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2010/04/02 14:37
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In Mao Saichun’s office, there is a striking calligraphy work – “Benevolence and Integrity”. "Being beloved, this is the driving force of my behavior; knowing the wisdom of the people, knowing the peo
In Mao Saichun’s office, there is a striking calligraphy work – “Benevolence and Integrity”. "Being beloved, this is the driving force of my behavior; knowing the wisdom of the people, knowing the people, knowing the good and the good; the faith is self-confidence, then the words are convincing; the courage is courage, the spiritual power in line with social morality; strict self-discipline , does not disgrace the mission." This is Mao Saichun's refinement of his personality, but also the motto of her life.
Mao Saichun, born in September 1957, is a descendant of the fifteenth century of the Qing Dynasty. He was originally from Tangyuan Village, Tangyuankou Township, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. After graduating from university, he was the teacher of Shimen Junior High School in Jiangshan City and the seventh middle school of Jiangshan City. He is currently the vice chairman of Jiangshan Municipal CPPCC and the chairman of Jiangshan Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd.
Benevolent and selfless
When I was a child, to help my mother reduce the pain of suffering, Mao Saichun learned the injection at the age of 9 and later learned to treat the disease with herbs. The villagers tried to save the pain by spending less money and less money, becoming the "barefoot doctor" in the village. ". Seeing that the neighbor's cattle and sheep died and lost their economic resources, she was anxious for them, and fumbled for being a veterinarian, freeing up troubles for others, and bringing joy to others.
Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. is a welfare enterprise with more than 50 disabled people working in the company. Mao Saichun never discriminates against them, but instead gives more care. "They can also realize their own value here. As long as they are used well, the disabled do not necessarily earn less than the healthy ones!" During the conversation, the company carpenter Huang Jiasen took a cane to the Mao Saichun office to send the bill: "Mao teacher, I am in trouble to sign it. The child has to pay tuition at university." "Okay, let me have a look. Right, I brought a few packs of cigarettes from Macau, take it and smoke it!" "Thank you, sorry, still pumping Your cigarette." "Hey, I don't always eat watermelons of your kind..." Mao Saichun said that in her company, there are several disabled people who earn tens of thousands of dollars a year like Huang Jiasen. What makes disabled employees able to talk and laugh with her, and what power has prompted many business owners to turn to her in the face of mental confusion? Mao Saichun said that being good with people is the foundation. As long as you have a kind heart, you can make others feel a kind of trust. When work or private affairs are in trouble, employees often say: "As long as I see Teacher Mao sitting in the office, I will be practical." It is no wonder that when they have difficulties, the first thing that comes to mind is Teacher Mao. In 2005, she raised 50,000 yuan to set up the company's "Difficult Workers Help Foundation", to relieve the urgent needs of the employees who can not afford the rent, to help the sick and hospitalized workers to help the victims of disasters... Every year, the company The city organizes charitable activities that provide love for poor workers, and send them much-needed clothes and food during the Chinese New Year. This love and responsibility of Mao Saichun extends to the society: donating money for poor students, supporting the construction of new countryside, and giving piano to the female staff choir... In 1999, Mao Saichun learned that a set of 65 volumes of the Mao family will soon Flowing to the foreign market, he will be happy to buy it and donate it to the Municipal Archives. Speaking of this behavior that is not understood by ordinary people, Mao Saichun is firm and calm: "This is a very precious set of genealogy of the Jiangshan Mao family. It is a pity to live outside. Jiangshan has a large population and is a member of the descendants of Mao. I have the responsibility and obligation to protect her." Mao Saichun knows that China is the only nation among the four ancient civilizations that has no generation. The genealogy culture is unique in the world and worthy of protection. In 2002, the Qing dynasty Mao genealogy was first selected in the "China Archives Heritage List". It is this precious genealogy that has led some people of insight to look to the magical land of Qingyi; it is this precious genealogy that played a decisive role in the study of Mao Zedong’s ancestral home in Jiangshan; A valuable genealogy has played a pivotal role in the development of the Qingyi Tourism Culture Project. Mao Saichun never thought that her inadvertent charity would bring such a bright future to Qingshan.
Smart and good
In the village of Tangyuan, Yuanjiao Township, Laojiatang, talking about Mao Saichun’s family, the folks all praised them. Her great-grandfather was a successful businessman with courage and knowledge. Grandpa was a rare college student with a double diploma at that time, and his parents were elegant scholars. The bloody inheritance of several generations, Mao Saichun's ears and ears, coupled with a good education, she formed her own unique knowledge system and moral cultivation. "Knowing people's wisdom, self-awareness is clear. Winning people are strong, self-confident is strong." Mao Saichun's father has been dead for ten years, but the sixteen characters he wrote personally are still hanging in the middle of her house, like a father. The sorrowful teachings, accompanied by her at all times, spurred her. Mao Saichun loves to learn. In recent years, she has systematically studied the courses of "Law" and "Business Administration". She also loves philosophy and is convinced that philosophy is a science that integrates all wisdom. In this way, dealing with people is the easiest thing for her. The company's employees are like enchanted, fearing her, but like her. "I don't know how to laugh at work, but I need to be close to my employees in terms of feelings and life." In the spare time, those dumb workers chased her to play table tennis, invited her to visit her own vegetable fields, and rushed to let her taste what she had planted. Melons and fruits. In Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd., employees have exercised fitness and reading newspapers. In order to promote an active and healthy atmosphere, since 2004, the company has held cultural and art festivals every year, and has set up a variety of competitions such as running, playing, tug-of-war, playing red five, singing karaoke, and so on. "Only by carefully understanding the employees and putting the interests of the employees ahead, putting the spiritual needs of the employees ahead, the enterprise has vitality." This is a word that Mao Saichun often hangs on.
On August 19, 2007, Mao Saichun took all the staff to visit Hengdian Studios. Seeing this special tour group, other tourists have cast amazing eyes. Yeah, look - deaf-mute people dance with excitement, excitement, and dance; take out the folding bike with your legs and watch while leisurely... Let Mao Saichun feel proud that it is such a team, though Everyone is happy and physically strong, but orderly. “This is our lovely staff, this is the cohesiveness of our team.” Mao Saichun said that she not only requires employees to be diligent and disciplined, but also makes them feel shameful, even the treatment of the relationship between the parents and the sons and sons in the staff’s home. Guide. Leading such a team, Mao Saichun is very relieved: "In my company, as long as the work is not completed, no one will leave the office; no one will invite me to reward after working overtime. Because they understand that Mao has the first The three eyes looked at it.” The driver Xiao Shao talked about her, and the pride was full of words: “I really serve Mao, she really didn’t have to say to our employees. The salary is not the highest here, but I can go to work here, and I feel the most comfortable! As he said, the company team is very stable, and there are almost no abnormal outflows of technicians. In the first month of 2007, the company's employees returned to the job rate of 100%.
A few years ago, Mao Saichun realized that as a power power country, there is a big gap between the current UHV transmission technology equipment and developed countries. The most basic and important testing equipment in power transmission and transformation lines - the traditional electromagnetic induction current and voltage transformers, is not conducive to the digitalization process of the power system. If you use modern optoelectronic technology to develop "hybrid fiber optic current transformers", you can overcome these shortcomings and have the advantages of safety and low cost. When Mao Saichun was looking for a technical cooperation college, he found a tender notice for the technical problems organized by the Science and Technology Bureau. She immediately seized the opportunity to get in touch with Tsinghua University, and met with the director of Tsinghua Re-creation Technology Research Institute and the professor responsible for the project, and rushed to Beijing. When the director knew that she was from a private enterprise, she immediately ordered the order: "You go, we never deal with private enterprises, the professor will not pick you up for this project." Mao Saichun rushed: "We are 90% in Zhejiang All of these are private enterprises! If you don't cooperate with private enterprises in Zhejiang, the scientific research results of your colleges and universities will be difficult to be transformed. I am so far away from Beijing, I can't just go. The director, disturbing you for 10 minutes, we explore Several questions. From the defects of traditional transformers to the prospect of digitalization of power transmission and transformation technology, from the status quo and development prospects of private enterprises in the country, to how to maximize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity, and cooperation between research institutes and private enterprises The advantage, Mao Saichun said 10 minutes in one breath. "Director, I am finished, I hope you can consider it." "No, you don't leave, you gave me a lesson, I opened my eyes! Let's talk again." More than an hour passed, the director called I came to the professor in charge of the project and did the work in person. Back to Jiangshan, Mao Saichun is non-stop, ready to communicate with the Tsinghua University professors on the Internet. In June 2002, Tsinghua University Re-creation Technology Institute and Sanjiang Transformer Co., Ltd. formally signed a technical cooperation agreement. So far, "Sanjiang" has embarked on the road of science and technology integrating "production, learning and research", and has established long-term cooperative relations with many research institutes through the platform of industrial science and technology conferences. The company has 17 patents and many new products have passed the provincial new product appraisal, and implemented the provincial Torch Program and high-tech industry projects. The “hybrid fiber optic current transformer” is a small and medium-sized enterprise of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project of the Innovation Fund. The advent of a high-tech product has promoted the development of “Sanjiang” as the largest manufacturer of domestic measuring transformers, high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and outstanding enterprises in Zhejiang Province. In 2006, the company's annual sales reached 40 million yuan.
Brave and fearless
"My courage is particularly big." Mao Saichun clearly remembers that when she was in middle school, she went to the 7th mountain road every day and rushed to the school to open the classroom door for self-study. In order to win the right to college entrance examination, the morning One and a half from the Xiakou hills and open farms to pick up 50 kilograms of burdens across the fields and creeks, even more than 50 miles of roads ... from small to large, Mao Saichun's courage and discouragement is doomed to her unconventional road. After graduating from high school in 1975, although she had a preferential policy for resident hukou, she automatically applied for decentralization and participated in labor. During the decentralization, when she was eager to go back to the city as a worker, she was unmoved: "When the workers are too monotonous, my dream is to go to college." In 1978, Mao Saichun was admitted to Zhejiang Normal University, 1981. Graduation was assigned to Shimen Middle School to teach. With a public office, she chose to marry a farmer as a college graduate. In fact, every step of the way, Mao Saichun is very conscious of what he wants. In the face of this marriage that sensationalized the county town and even became the provincial city news, she never regretted it. She said: "I am a very mature woman, but my husband is like a mountain, a quiet and pure, he can give me a special sense of security and a sense of belonging." Her husband, Mr. Zhu Shunfeng is a An excellent marketing expert is a good partner in her career. Despite this, in the social context of the time, the difference in identity still put a lot of pressure on the two. "Love a person and give him more." Mao Saichun decided to change himself, went to sea to do business to follow love, and his husband to open up the road of two people. In 1988, Mao Saichun, a teacher of the Changtai Seventh Middle School, seized the opportunity to contract the school-run factory, Jiangshan County Standard Parts Factory, and became the first person in the education system. "It takes courage to do this, but I firmly believe that I can do it well." Mao Saichun is such a woman who dares to love and dare to marry. "I am willing to pay for everything, but I am very fortunate, everything I paid has been rewarded." Now, the marriage that everyone opposed in the beginning has been recognized by everyone. People say that Mao Saichun has a vision and knows . In 2001, Mao Saichun made another amazing decision. He applied for three times and did not want the government to pay a resettlement fee. It became the first person to leave the teacher's status after the city's enterprise restructuring. Informed people talked a lot, some said she was stupid, gave up more than 20 years of teaching age; some worried about her, saying that she will regret later. Mao Saichun has his own ideas: "I am breaking the boat and fighting side by side with the staff. At the same time, it can also promote the reform of the education system and reduce the burden on the government. Besides, seeing the choices I made before, is my accountant a public official? ”
With the "benevolent wisdom and bravery" along the way, Mao Saichun is very glorious every step of the way, so today enjoys the pride of a simple woman. She has been rated as the "three eight" red flag bearer in Zhangzhou City and Jiangshan City, the advanced worker of Zhejiang Province work-study program, the advanced quality management worker of Ganzhou City, the first ten industrial women in Jiangshan City, and the seventh session of Jiangshan Municipal Political Consultative Conference. Vice Chairman of the 8th CPPCC, Standing Committee of the Fourth Women's Congress of Ganzhou City, Standing Committee of the 10th Women's Congress of Jiangshan City, 7th President of Jiangshan City Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the first president of Jiangshan Electromechanical Industry Association.
Mao Saichun often has amazing moves, but he walks calmly and uneasily in the eyes of others. After the stormy rainbow, Mao Saichun precipitated wisdom and accumulated charm in the years of the year, making her world more profound and broader...