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The "skyline" of innovation is boundless

The "skyline" of innovation is boundless

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2013/09/07 14:38
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-Dream file
    Dream catcher: Mao Saichun, chairman.
Dream content: Selling transformers to the rest of the world
Dream of dreams: innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise development
On the morning of August 27th, in the office of Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd., the staff members were busy interviewing the university students who came to apply for the job. "This year's orders are much more than we expected, and the goods are almost out of hand, so we must hurry and enrich the company." The staff told us.
In the first half of this year, the output value of Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd. increased by 28% compared with the same period of last year. The current production plan has been discharged to the end of the year. What makes the company develop into the fast lane? Chairman Mao Saichun said that all of this has benefited from technological innovation.
Sell ​​transformers to every corner
At the beginning of July, more than 100 electromagnetic transformers were transported from Jiangshan to Tibet. This is the last bastion of Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd. to capture the domestic market.
It is difficult to open the transformer market in Tibet. Due to local altitude, temperature and climatic conditions, there are high technical requirements for transformers. Many transformer manufacturers have given up this "cake" because of the lack of technology.
Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd. can do it! The high-prototype electromagnetic transformer developed by the company won the bid in the State Grid and successfully expanded the sales “layout” to Tibet. At the same time, Sky's self-developed composite insulation and gas-insulated 110-220kV transformers have also been successfully operated in China Southern Power Grid and State Grid.
In this regard, the company's chairman Mao Saichun is quite proud: "Our products account for about 70% of the market share in the Zhejiang market, and there are all corners of the country. We hope that when people talk about transformers, they can think of 'skyline' ."
The domestic market has basically opened up, and Mao Saichun has set his sights on foreign markets. This year, in addition to applying for four national invention patents, they also applied for invention patents to Germany and the United States. This is the first company in Jiangshan to apply for foreign patents.
"Because we want to sell transformers to Germany and the United States, we sell all the corners of transformers." Mao Saichun said that this was her original intention to apply for patents abroad.
"Zhejiang Skyline" does have such strength. In 2004, the company invented the electronic transformer through technological innovation, which filled the domestic gap and became the project of the Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, it has become the largest domestic manufacturer of metering transformers integrating scientific research, production and sales.
Do a good job of technological innovation, this "Ace"
Talking about the secret of the rapid development of the company, Mao Saichun showed her "Ace" in her hands - technological innovation.
The company incorporates R&D expenditure into the company's budget every year, and extracts it at a rate of not less than 5% of annual sales. At the same time, it has established a test hall and laboratory of 1,500 square meters and purchased advanced test equipment.
After the investment in software and hardware, the key to enabling enterprises to achieve maximum technological innovation is to rely on talent. The company's emphasis on talents has also made the company's responsible person relish: "We are very flexible in employing people and attract many industry elites to work for the company."
The company now has nearly 300 employees, including 35 middle and senior technical personnel, including undergraduate, master, and doctoral students. Dr. Xie Yue from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is one of them.
Dr. Xie Yue is a professor at China Institute of Metrology and a top expert in domestic transformers. Now, Dr. Xie Yue is a frequent visitor of Skyline. He presided over the construction of the 10kV multi-purpose combined transformer with key network communication interface, and solved various problems encountered by enterprises in production.
In addition, “Zhejiang Skyline” also digs people from the top 100 enterprises in the country. Please come to the husband and wife team who graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and introduce the project manager responsible for technical research. The company also solved personal problems such as children's schooling for these high-end talents, so that they have no worries.
"The transformer is an important component in the power grid. The technology is very complicated. We must continue to innovate in technology to enable the company to continue to grow and develop." Mao Saichun said.
In 2013, the company invested more than 200 million yuan in the Jiangshan Shanhai Collaborative Park and launched an annual production project of 2 million high, medium and low voltage transformer production lines. After completion, it can add 480 million yuan in output value.
The fifth interview group reporter Zheng Jingjing
(This article Source: Zhangzhou News Network - Zhangzhou Evening News Editor: Xu Yueming)