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LMZK series open type current transformer is suitable for AC power system 35KV and below 10KV for power equipment and microcomputer protection. The current transformer has the characteristics of small size, small weight, openable and easy to install, and is widely used in a compact full-insulation ring switch cabinet, and is directly stuck on the cable connected to the incoming and outgoing cables during installation, which is simple and quick.
This type of current transformer uses high-quality imported silicon steel sheet with high magnetic permeability as the magnetic conductive material. It has the characteristics of iron core splittable and magnetic circuit loss. Its semi-annular iron core and secondary winding are made of high quality epoxy. The resin is vacuum cast in a flame-retardant plastic housing that is moisture resistant, stable and maintenance free.
When installing, the two half rings are stuck on the split-phase cable, and the stainless steel hoop is huged and integrated with the cable, which is harmonious and beautiful.
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