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Zhejiang Horizon Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 2, Shanhai Road, Shanhai District, Jiangshan Economic Development Zone



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Zhejiang Skyline Transformer Co., Ltd. 

Zhejiang Tianji Transformer Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and registered as a private enterprise in May 1999. It is located at No. 8 Jingtian Road, Jiangshan Economic Development Zone. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of high and low voltage transformers, and has a good reputation and quality in the industry.

The company is the enterprise with the most complete range of products and the widest coverage of voltage levels in the industry. Its leading products are high and low voltage transformers and insulation components, and it is a winning supplier for State Grid and Southern Power Grid. With high-quality products and first-class services, the company has a good reputation and reputation in the industry. It has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, one of the first batch of specialized, refined, and new key "little giant" enterprises in the country, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a pilot enterprise for future factories in Zhejiang Province, and a benchmark enterprise for management benchmarking and improvement in Zhejiang Province.

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The company's various management work has achieved standardization, standardization, and refinement, and has passed the certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, measurement management, energy management, information security, intellectual property and other management systems. The four major unit products have passed the Zhejiang Manufacturing "Quality Standard" certification.


The company has established provincial-level enterprise research institutes, provincial-level technology centers, postdoctoral workstations, and Zhejiang Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Equipment Technology. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with China Electric Power Research Institute, Zhejiang University, China University of Metrology, China Electric Power Research Institute, Zhejiang Institute of Metrology, and others. We have undertaken and implemented multiple Ministry of Science and Technology projects, provincial major science and technology projects, and provincial-level new products, and have won multiple State Grid, provincial, and municipal level science and technology progress awards.


The company is a member unit of the National Transformer Standardization Technical Committee, National Electrical Instrument Standardization Technical Committee, National Electromagnetic Measurement Technical Committee, and National High Voltage Test Technology and Insulation Coordination Standardization Technical Committee. It is a member unit and technology initiator of the China Intelligent Measurement Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and a specially invited vice president unit of the China Equipment Management Association. We have participated in the development of multiple national, industry, and group standards, and have drafted the "Made in Zhejiang" group standard for transformers.